Henry W. Breton van Groll 's pseudonym is Henny Sumantri.
He is born in Surabaya in East Java (Indonesia). Very soon the family moved to Central Java. When Henry went to school in Semarang his parents lived in Klaten near Surakarta, where they origanally came from. There he saw a wayang wong performance for the first time and was immediately very impressed of Javanese music and dance.

In Holland he studied architecture and became interested in Western performing arts like theatre, ballet, concert and opera. After some years of practising Latin American and Ballroom dancing, he started to study Classical Ballet and Modern Dance (Martha Graham-technique). Henry has seen almost every ballet production which is performed in the Netherlands during that period. He was mostly attracted to the thematic and symbolic choreographs of Rudi van Dantzig and Toer van Schayk. In 1972 with some friends he was asked to write the programme notes (information) of the Dutch National Ballet's production of The Sleeping Beauty.
In 1975 he started to study Classical Javanese Dance at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague.
In 1983 Henry married to Romanita Santoso and in 1987 their son Aryo (Raharyo Maria Gabril Adriadi) Breton van Groll was born.
Henry especially refined his dance education of the Javanese classical dance Surakarta-style under the inspiring guidance of Raden Ayu Widowati Siti Wahyuni Singgih Wibisono.
For Henry teaching and analysing the character of a choreography is the most inspiring part of practising the art af dancing.
And so he also likes to do research to the history, the theory and the philosophical background of the classical art of dancing of Java.
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