(photo: Hans Groskamp)

Tari Kandagan


Raden Tjetje Somantri (1959)


Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo


Tumenggungan laras Salendro


Kelompok Penabuh Pusbitari & Rachmat (kendang)

Music recording:

ID Pusbitari Dance Company


8 ' 8 "


West Java (Sunda)


The Tari Kandagan is a female solo-dance.
The Tari Kandagan depicts the noble princess Anjasmara from the Javanese saga about Damarwulan, the grasscutter, and his opponent Menak Jingga.
The story is situated in the 15-th century on Java, but the choreography of this dance originated from this century.
Menak Jingga threatens the kingdom of Majapahit, because the queen has refused to marry him being a vassal. She asked the help of her knights, but Damarwulan (in fact a knight's son) will be the hero of the story. His beloved princess Anjasmara very regrets his mission to conquer Menak Jingga. She decides to travel after him and dresses herself as a man. The dance show some gestures which expresses Anjasmara's attempts to behave like a noble man. She even practices with her dancing-scarf as a weapon.
The Tari Kandagan symbolises the perseverance and devotion of a good woman.

The Wisma Ulah Budaya Foundation 1999

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