The foundation's Performances (Updated April 2012)

'Kidung Agung' (Solomon's Song of Songs, or Canticles) a new programm (Updated April 2012)

Date: Wednesdag 16 May 2012
Location: Haagse KunstKring, Denneweg 64, 2514 CJ Den Haag.
Start: 20.15 uur.

Date: Friday 18 May 2012
Location: Johanneszaal, Oude Molstraat 37, 2513 BA Den Haag.
Start: 20.15 uur.

Tickets: € 15,-- p.p., reserve by phone +3170 323 8294.
tickets at the performance hall only on the day of the performance starting from 19.30 h.

The foundation's Dancers (Updated July 2004)
The Favourite Links (Updated September 2002)

Romanita Santoso's
Repertory for The Wisma Ulah Budaya Foundation
(New since June 1998) with 'links' to some dance descriptions:
Beksan Serimpi Lagu Dhempel (New since March 1999),
Beksan Serimpi Gåndåkusumå (New since March 1999),
Beksan Golek Sukåretnå (New since March 1999),
Beksan Gambyong Pangkur (New since March 1999),
Beksan Gambir Anom (New since March 1999),
Beksan Menak Koncar (New since March 1999),
Tari Badaya (New since March 1999),
Tari Merak (New since March 1999),
Tari Jayeng Rinengga (New since March 1999),
Tari Kandagan (New since March 1999),
Tari Dewi Anjasmara (New since March 1999).

Pawiyatan Kabudayaan Karaton Surakarta (New since May 1998)
Java's Art of
Classical Dancing (New since July 1998)
Pusbitari Dance Company (New since May 1998)

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