Romanita Santoso

 Romanita Santoso's favourite things are dancing and making music. For some years she studied piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Netherlands), Javanese and Sundanese dance at the Indonesian Embassy for the Netherlands and Balinese dance at the Balinese dancing school Diah Tantri. Romanita was born in Rome (Italy) and her first name combines the name of Italy's capital city Rome with the Indonesian word 'wanita', which means 'woman'. Both her parents are Javanese Indonesians. In 1983 Romanita married to Henry Breton van Groll, and in 1987 their son Aryo (Raharyo Maria Gabriël Adriadi) was born. Aryo has taken a great pleasure in singing in a boys choir (Haags Matrozenkoor) with a classical western repertory. Romanita Santoso studied Indonesian dance in Javanese (Surakarta, Central Java), Sundanese (West Java), Balinese and some other regional dance styles. She especially refined her technique in the Javanese classical dance Surakarta-style under the inspiring guidance of Raden Ayu Widowati Siti Wahyuni Singgih Wibisono. A highlight in her dancing career was her visit to the Yayasan Pawiyatan Kabudayaan Karaton Surakarta (Foundation for Cultural Education) and its chairman Her Highness Gusti Raden Ayu Koes Moertiyah, daughter of the reigning monarch His Royal Highness Sri Paduko Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII of the Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat. There Romanita's request to get private dancing lessons at the Kraton Surakarta Hadiningrat in the kraton's court dance style was granted. It is no wonder that the Surakarta court dance style has a special place in her heart. The lessons and the philosophic and sacred atmosphere at the Surakarta court have given her so much more love, regards and motivation to promote the Surakarta court dance style.

Her teacher for Indonesian dance Sundanese style is dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo, teacher of the dance academy of Bandung and artistic leader of The Pusbitari Dance Company. The way dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo taught Romanita has had an important influence and enrichment to her knowledge of the Sundanese dance style and its backgrounds. Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo's philosophy of Sundanese dance as a performing art is very inspiring and demanding.

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